Our family has been operating Midwest Puppy, LLC and breeding since 2012. We have had Golden Retrievers in our family for over 20 years, and have participated with many rescue organizations in the past. We are licensed by the state of Nebraska and we aren’t your typical breeder – we go above and beyond.

Our dogs are truly a part of our family. With five full acres to run and play in, they are constantly exploring! They also think that couches are made for dogs not people! We love the puppies multiple times a day! They are gently handled by our kids, who are also employees of Midwest Puppy.

All parents are on site and ready to meet you if you come for a visit. Don’t leave your door open, you may come back to a car full of dogs trying to drive away!





Kristin is the Founder and Owner, and her 5 daughters all play a role in the company. Julia (Director of Customer Relations), Audrey (Director of Puppy Operations), Bridget (The scooper & cleaner – someone has to do the dirty work), Lillian & Sophia are interns.





We love to do more than just sell puppys, we also like to help people in need. We are constantly finding ways to help local veterans, first responders and people in need. We have donated puppies to various non-profit organizations and as service dogs. If you have an idea, feel free to contact us. Check out the below video, we donated 100% of what we received on a standard Bernedoodle and donated it to Wounded Warrior Family Support here in Omaha.